Game ended in 2020

Players, total 24
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PyRPG Gamedoc 1.3

Modified 2012-01-01

What Is It?

The Idle RPG is a simple IRC-based role playing game where you play by idling in an irc channel. The longer you idle, the higher you progress. Things like talking in the channel, parting the channel, or quitting IRC are called penalties and increase your time to level. Along the way you can helped (or hurt) by various random events that can greatly affect your times.

Where Do I Play?

This particular instance of the Idle RPG game can be found in #irpg on QuakeNet.
The help and discussion channel for this game and this bot can be found on QuakeNet ( in #PyRPG.



/msg pyrpg register <username> <password> <class name>
Username can be a maximum of 20 characters long. Username must be alphanumeric (underscores allowed). I apologize for disallowing brackets, parantheses and everything else, but I assure you, it is not without a reason.

Logging In


/msg pyrpg login <username> <password>
Logs you into the bot.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Logging Out


/msg pyrpg logout
Logs you out from IRPG.
This command is a p20 command.

Checking Your Status


/msg pyrpg whoami
Displays your status, level, class, time to next level, and itemsum.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Viewing Your Items


/msg pyrpg items
Displays a list of your items, including any unique items.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Checking the Active Quest


/msg pyrpg quest
Displays the active quest (if any), who is on it, and how long until it completes.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Checking Someone Else's Status


/msg pyrpg whois <username>
Equivalent to performing a "whoami" on another user.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Changing Your Class


/msg pyrpg class <new class name>
Changes your class name.
This command does not incur a penalty.

Checking the IRPG Leaderboard


/msg pyrpg top10
Displays the top 10 IRPG players.
This command does not incur a penalty.


Where ^ represents power. This option can be edited, but these settings are the default.


If you do something other than idle, like part, quit, talk in the channel, change your nick, or notice the channel, you are penalized. The penalties are time, in seconds, added to your next time to level and are based on your character level. The formulae are as follows:
Nick change: 30*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Part: 200*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Quit: 30*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Logout command: 20*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Channel privmsg: [message_length]*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Channel notice: [message_length]*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
So, a level 25 character changing their nick would be penalized 793 seconds towards their next level.

Penalty shorthand is p[num]. So, a nick change is a p30 event, parting the channel is a p200 event, and quitting IRC is a p30 event. Messages and notices are p[length of message in characters]. Also, please note that the kick penalty is gone. It's done nothing but cause problems for us, and frankly it's a fairly useless penalty to begin with.



/msg pyrpg items
Each time you level, you find an item. You can find an item as high as 1.5*YOUR_LEVEL (unless you find a unique item). There are 10 types of items: rings, amulets, charms, weapons, helms, tunics, gloves, leggings, shields, and boots. You can find one of each type. When you find an item with a level higher than the level of the item you already have, you toss the old item and start using the new one. You may view your items over irc by typing the command above.

As you may guess, you have a higher chance of rolling an item below your character level than you do of rolling one above your level. The exact formula is as follows:
for each 'number' from 1 to YOUR_LEVEL*1.5
  you have a 1 / ((1.4)^(number/4)) chance to find an item at this level
end for
As for item type, you have an equal chance to roll any type.


Each time you level, if your level is less than 10, you have a 25% chance to challenge someone to combat. If your level is greater than or equal to 10, you will always challenge someone when you level. A pool of opponents is chosen of all online players, and one is chosen randomly. If there are no online players, you fight no one. However, if you do challenge someone, this is how the victor is decided:
  • Your item levels are summed.
  • Their item levels are summed.
  • A random number between zero and your sum is taken.
  • A random number between zero and their sum is taken.
  • If your number is larger than their number, you win.
If you win, your time towards your next level is lowered. The amount that it is lowered is based on your opponent's level. The formula is:
((the larger number of (OPPONENT_LEVEL/4) and 7) / 100) * YOUR_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL
This means that you lose no less than 7% from your next time to level. If you win, your opponent is not penalized any time, unless you land a Critical Strike.

If you lose, you will be penalized time. The penalty is calculated using the formula:
((the larger number of (OPPONENT_LEVEL/7) and 7) / 100) * YOUR_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL
This means that you gain no less than 7% of your next time to level. If you lose, your opponent is not awarded any time.
There is also a 1/300 chance every five seconds of a battle. A random player from the online pool is chosen who then challenges another random player. Normal battle rules apply.

Unique Items

In IRPG1, unique items were added as a way for you to find an item significantly higher than your normal level would allow. Originally there were only 5 unique items. We felt that this was not enough, and thus have expanded to 11 unique items. These items are comparatively rare, with the highest item being the most difficult to find. In PyRPG, these items are correctly stored, and you will know exactly what item you have should you find a unique one.
Name: skin-tight Rubber Leggings
Item Type: Leggings
Item Level: 50-64
User Level: 20 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 30
Name: Charm of Fertility
Item Type: Charm
Item Level: 65-79
User Level: 23 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 30
Name: Iron Hand of Terror
Item Type: Gloves
Item Level: 80-94
User Level: 26 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 30
Name: Heavy Metal Black Leather Jacket
Item Type: Tunic
Item Level: 95-109
User Level: 29 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 35
Name: Fuzzy Pink Bunny Slippers
Item Type: Boots
Item Level: 110-124
User Level: 32 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 35
Name: Shield of the srvx
Item Type: Shield
Item Level: 125-139
User Level: 35 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 35
Name: Fury Guard Talisman
Item Type: Amulet
Item Level: 140-154
User Level: 38 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 40
Name: Great Ring of the Rooster
Item Type: Ring
Item Level: 155-169
User Level: 41 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 40
Name: Stubborn Helm of Doom
Item Type: Helmet
Item Level: 170-184
User Level: 44 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 40
Name: BFG 9000
Item Type: Weapon
Item Level: 185-199
User Level: 47 or greater
Chance to Roll: 1 / 42
Name: Diablo's Heart
Item Type: Trophy
Item Level: 333
User Level: 50 or greater
Chance to Roll: 0 (can only be acquired through raids)

Hand of God

Every 5 seconds there is a 1/3,000 chance of a "Hand of God" occurring. HoG can help or hurt your character by carrying it between 5 and 75 percent towards or away from its next time to level. The odds are in your favor, however, with an 80% chance to help your character, and only a 20% chance of your character being smitten.

Admins do have the ability to summon the Hand of God at will, but we discourage that since it upsets many people.

Critical Strike

If a challenger beats his opponent in battle, he has a 1/25 chance of landing a Critical Strike. If this occurs, his opponent is penalized time towards his next time to level. This amount is calculated by the formula:
((random number from 5 to 25) / 100) * OPPONENT'S_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL
Meaning he gains no less than 5% and no more than 25% of his next time to level.

Team Battles

There is a 1/1000 chance every five seconds of a 'team battle.' Team battles pit three online players against three other online players. Each side's items are summed, and a winner is chosen as in regular battling. If the first group bests the second group in combat, 2%..19% of each of the combatants is removed from their clock. If the first group loses, 2%..13% is added to each member's TTL.

Calamities and Godsends

There is a 1/2,000 chance every five seconds of a calamity occurring. A calamity is a bit of extremely bad luck that slows a player 5-12% of their next time to level. Calamities only occur for online players. A godsend is identical, except it helps the player.


There is a 1/12,000 chance every five seconds of a 'duel'. Two teams with at least 2 online players each are required for this event. Duels pit two to five online players from one team against the same amount of players of another team. Each side's items are summed, and a winner is chosen as in regular battling. If the contenders best the challenged players in combat, 2%..19% of every team member of the winning team is removed from their clock. This includes only online members of the team!


Quests have been slightly altered since IRPG1. A quest occurs when four level 20+ people have been online for over six hours. They are chosen to represent and assist the Realm by going on a quest. In GSRPG, one player can actually drop out of the quest, and the rest of the group will continue on unimpeded. If they remain online without being penalized, the quest is completed and 25% of their time to level is removed. Should they fail, the quest is dissolved and the game continues on. The rest of the Realm is not penalized, as in IRPG1.


There is a 1/120,000 chance every five seconds (roughly once a week) of starting a 'raid'. A raid is a series of battles of up to 8 random idlers. A raid can only happen if at least 8 players level 50 or above are online for more than a day. Once started, the group will face one of four bosses in a group battle every hour. Bosses are between 50% and 80% as strong as the whole group of players. Surviving all four battles has roughly a 20% chance. Each won fight will grant an increasing bonus to the participating player's time to level. If a boss beats the group, the raid fails. If the group beats the fourth boss, one of the players will get a very powerful new unique item. This item can only be acquired through raids. If you already have this item, you may still participate in further raids but you will not be chosen to get the unique item again. If a player logs out or goes offline, he will be removed from the team. If all players leave, the raid is abandoned. The bosses are heavily influenced by Diablo 2, a personal favorite of mine (VooDoo).

Credits (POV: PyRPG founder on QuakeNet)

This game would not be possible without jotun, the creator and founder of the original Idle RPG. To him, we are in debt, as none of this would be possible without his help (and experience). He has his own list of credits and you would do him a service by viewing them at his site. I also have to bow to Jake the developer and founder of GSRPG. I shamelessly used most of their site content and some of his code decisions including his database concept. I personally like to thank the following people.

Alturiak - Our server host and database admin
Dingo - My Python sensei
epicaL - Former QuakeNet IRPG admin

Please visit the GSRPG site, as their effort motivated me to realize PyRPG. GSRPG is a brilliant project, a definitive improvement over the original IRPG but it is written in perl and that is all I have to say about it...