Game ends in:

173days, 20hrs, 26mins, 31secs.

Players, total 31
Currently Online: 16

Autologin Scripts

mIRC Script by epicaL

How to install, step by step:
  • Save this file (Right-Click -> Save as...) in your mIRC directory as "irpg_login.mrc"
    • If you're unsure where your mIRC stores its scripts, please execute
      //echo -s $mircdir on an arbitrary window in your mIRC.
  • Open it (this file) in your favourite text editor and change USERNAME and PASSWORD to your irpg account information
  • On the mIRC command line, issue the command: /load -rs irpg_login.mrc
  • You are good to go, happy idling :)
Questions? /query epicaL