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Perl is dead, long live Python!


Welcome to the 2011 Season of QuakeNet IRPG. We gratulate RaKi, t4 and rAMbO for making Top3. As always the first 10 of last year's season will lend their name to the unique items of the current season.

Not only is there a new season but also a brand new bot as well. I was not pleased with the frequency of GSRPG's maintanence. It was buggy especially during netsplits. And worst of all, it was written in perl... Oh the humanity!

The new bot is called PyRPG and is written entirely in Python, hence the name. It runs as a script on our Python IRC bot "Hydralisk", developed by Dingo and myself. The database of GSRPG is still in use but tweaked for more features.

So what does change with the new bot? To keep the transition from GSRPG as simple as possible, most of the old features and commands are back. There are no more manual challenges as they were against the idea of true idling. Instead there is a brand new event called "Duels". Now teams have a purpose and being in one is a great benefit. Read about it in the Game Documentation. There also is a new way to apply for a team by bot command. Read about it in the Command List.

The promised netsplit handling is now functional and I have ideas of new features already in my head. If you would like to report any bugs, have feature requests or want to talk about the bot, feel free to join #PyRPG on QuakeNet.



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