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Idling season 2015 has started


Welcome to QuakeNet IRPG season 2015. We congratulate our most skilled idlers of last year's IRPG season: VooDoo (yay.), RaKi and Alturiak. As usual we honour the first 10 idlers by giving this season's unique items their names.

What is new for this season:

  • New bot feature Raids.
  • Overhaul of the PyRPG website. We are now using Django which gives us a whole new level of freedom. It also frees us from the last remaining ugly piece of code (PHP on the old site...). There are a few new features already (e.g. linkable news entries and a news tag system) and more will come.
  • Extensive statistics page (e.g. 2014).
  • Some new stats here and there.
  • Sort team page by number of duels.

If you need help with bot commands, you would like to report any bugs, have feature requests or want to talk about the bot, feel free to join #PyRPG on QuakeNet.

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