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Happy new season of idling


Welcome to a new season of QuakeNet IRPG. Like every year we congratulate our most skilled idlers of last year's IRPG season: Corben, idaho and fumpi. And as usual we honour the first 10 idlers by giving this season's unique items their names.

There were some small changes to the bot. The "Trophy" was silently introduced as a new item and through a bug was not considered for overall itemsum. There are plans for a unique version but this has yet to be implemented.

Due to server downtimes there were some times when the bot was not in the channel and someone hijacked the nickname "irpg". This might have exposed some passwords to this person when an unsafe auto-login script is in use. I advise everybody to have a look at a safe one in our special section.

If you need help with auto-login scripts, you would like to report any bugs, have feature requests or want to talk about the bot, feel free to join #PyRPG on QuakeNet.

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