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313days, 12hrs, 14mins, 31secs.

Players, total 29
Currently Online: 16

Even more bugfixing


Yes, another two restarts and mass-highlights there. The second one was due to lack of concentration on my side. However, the following changes went live tonight:

  • Contestants of Team Battles are now properly randomized before being put into attacking or defending team. Players will no longer have a very high chance of being put into a specific team depending on the hash of their username and should now have a equal chance of being put into attackers or defenders. Thanks a lot to Sandworm for reporting this and providing the patch. (Ticket #27)
  • Players are now being voiced correctly if their level is > oplevel but giving ops is disabled. (Ticket #24)
  • Proper flood-protection has been implemented, eliminating the need to connect via a proxy with floodprotection. This should increase overall performance and work around some minor glitches we experienced before. (Ticket #26)

Keep on idling and please don't hesitate to contact us in case of questions or bugs.



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